5 Signs of a Failing Differential

  1. Tire Damages

    • If you notice strange damages on the sidewall and outer tread of your vehicle's tires, it may be caused by failing differential components. This is because the tires are being forced to spin at speed, that causes damage while corning.
  2. Hard to Handle

    • If you find that you are having a difficult time going around a corner you may want to have the differential checked out. Handling can become unpredictable if your car's differential fails, which may lead to an accident.
  3. Vibrations

    • If the universal joints of your differentials become worn out, the drive shaft may begin to vibrate. This will be harsher during rapid acceleration.
  4. Gears Grinding

    • Worn gears and low differential fluid will result in a grinding or humming noise coming from the differential. Any strange noises should be checked out by a professional technician to ensure the problem is properly taken care of.
  5. Whining Sounds

    • The most common sound of a failed differential is a whining noise. This is often due to poor lubrication within the differential, meaning there is a good chance that the differential fluid is leaking. If you spot a reddish fluid under the differential, there is certainly a leak.

If You Have Experienced Any of These Signs, Ensure that You Replace Your Differential Spares asap!!

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