Signs Your Gearbox is Failing

Dashboard Warning Lights

Engine lights ignite on the dashboard for a reason. Keep one eye out for the transmission temperature light indicating that the fluid in your transmission is operating at a higher temperature.

Leaking Fluid and Low Levels

This is possibly the easiest symptom on our list to spot. All you have to do is check under the car for leaks, by placing a few old pieces of paper or cardboard under the car. You’re looking for the tell-tale red colour of transmission fluid, which also has a slightly sweet smell. Unlike motor oil your transmission fluid levels should stay constant so any signs of this fluid under the car is indicative of a leak.

Smells and Odours

Light smells and burning odours leaving a sweet and tart fragrance in your vehicle may indicate it’s time for you to change the transmission fluid. If the fluid is not keeping the system properly lubricated then it is time for a change to prevent the unit from burning itself up. When you check on the transmission fluid if it has a burnt smell then it may be a sign that your gearbox is nearly finished. 

Audible Noises

If there are banging or clanking noises however whilst the car moves into neutral then this is a good indicator that there may be loose gears and parts in the clutch. The worse the sounds, the looser the parts, and the greater the chance of damage.

Be wary of whistling and clicking noises, which may be an indication that your gearbox’s bearings are becoming worn and that you may be looking at a replacement.

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