Gearbox fault warning signs

Before you run into serious trouble with your vehicle's gearbox, there will usually be a series of warning signs

#1 – Does your gearbox ‘feel' different?

This might be a little tricky to discover, since most gearboxes degrade gradually and you may not notice this. However, think back to when your vehicle or gearbox was new; do you notice any changes in the way it ‘performs?' Is it jerky, does it shudder?

Pay attention to the ‘feel' of your gearbox and clutch in the upcoming days or weeks. Any changes in its ‘feel' or performance may indicate that it's time to have us take a look at it.

#2 – Listen to your gearbox

Common problem noises with vehicle gearboxes include loud ‘revving' when the vehicle is moving slowly or similarly loud ‘revving' in between shifting gears. Essentially, pay attention to any ‘unusual' sounds that may arise with your gearbox; these likely indicate an issue.

#3 – Look out for a burning smell

Obviously, the last thing most people want to notice coming from underneath the hood of their vehicle is a foul burning smell. One thing that this may indicate is burning of gearbox oil, especially when paired with one of the other symptoms. In the case of a burning smell coming from your gearbox, you should have this looked at immediately by a professional.

#4 – Failure to engage a gear

The failure to engage a gear is a sure sign that your clutch or gearbox is in dire need of a service. If such an issue arises, it's best to drive as little as possible and have your vehicle delivered to our workshop.

#5 - Look out for oil leaks.

Sound familiar? Give us a call