Automatic Gearbox Repairs and Reconditioning


1. How long does a repair take?

The lead time on a repair is subject to the availability of parts required as well as the amount of labour involved in removing and fitting the gearbox from a particular vehicle, however the average lead time on a vehicle is approximately 7 – 10 working days.

2. How much does it cost?

The price is dependent on a few variables such as:

- The make and model of vehicle

- The choice of service (reconditioned or repaired)

- The components damaged

In general we provide an accurate idea of pricing on a strip and quote basis.

3. What is better, reconditioned or repaired?

The reconditioned gearbox solution is generally the better option from a longevity stand point and a longer warranty is offered on the reconditioned option.

4. What is better, repaired or a used (2nd hand) Gearbox?

In general a repair is the better option as used gearboxes often have high mileage and are more prone to failure

5. What warranty do you offer?

- Warranty on reconditioned/remanufactured gearboxes is 1 year/20 000 km

- Warranty on repaired gearboxes is 6 months/10 000 km on parts replaced

Please refer to the company terms and conditions for further details on our warranty policy

6. Can you convert my automatic to manual or vice versa?

We do not offer conversions as part of our service offering