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Gearbox and Clutch Replacements in Pretoria

Having a properly functioning gearbox and a clutch system is essential for the smooth and safe running of your vehicle. If either of these components are damaged and goes unchecked you could be looking at a large bill for repairs or replacement.

It is important that you get regular servicing from your mechanic to check for damage and wear so that issues can be resolved before they are allowed to escalate. We carry out repair work on gearboxes and clutches on all vehicles from minor maintenance work to complete remanufactured components.

We are skilled transmission and drivetrain specialists with years of experience in the industry. We specialise in gearbox and clutch repairs and replacements. Whatever your gearbox or clutch problems are we can offer you a solution whether it be a repair or a complete replacement.

As one of the most reliable providers of gearbox and clutch replacements in Pretoria, you can trust us to take care of your vehicle!

Gearbox Maintenance

We at Gearbox Select understand that most transmission issues can be sidestepped with a frequent service check and maintenance. We provide customers with a full-service bundle. Our professional team have a wealth of knowledge and the most modern transmission repair equipment to service your gearbox.

We promote the changing of gearbox oil. Old gearbox oil can lose some of its properties and an accumulation of toxins can harm a vehicle's transmission. Because of the more compound nature of contemporary gearboxes, modern vehicles are predominantly vulnerable from harm caused by dirty gearbox oil.

Gearbox Oil

We at Gearbox Select do not only change the oil; we flush the whole gearbox system to guarantee that most of the remaining old oil is entirely eradicated from the gearbox before the new oil is added.

A lot of gearbox issues are a result of overheating. We recommend the fitment of an independent external cooler system to prevent overheating and water contamination caused by faulty radiators.

We at Gearbox Select can change your gearbox oil to ensure any slight problems are taken care of before they become big complications.

Software Maintenance

Gearbox Select has the most modern equipment to address issues that can arise with a contemporary vehicle's computer system. Gearbox Select can initiate important software updates. We can also address and resolve any error messages and reset adaptive values when needed.

Gearbox removal

One of the most difficult jobs a mechanic must do is the full removal and installation of a transmission system. If your vehicle requires this service don't take a risk with your transportation. Have confidence in Gearbox Select and our skilled members of staff. We put a transmission through our rigorous examination and assessment service to guarantee all parts are working correctly. This service can identify any issues before fitting.

Gear Box Installation

Our skilled members of staff are capable of fitting a gearbox in a vehicle competently and professionally. With a wealth of knowledge in the correct installation, repair, and maintenance of transmissions you can be guaranteed that your gearbox will be fitted to the best, expert standard.

Transmission and Differential Spares at Gearbox Select

From manual to automatic transmission spares we have you covered. We have a well-established network of gearbox part wholesale distributors, guaranteeing fast and reliable part deliveries from retail customers to our repairs workshop.