When does your Gearbox need Replacing

Signs that your Gearbox needs to be replaced

How does a Gearbox Work?

  1. Your car engine runs at super-fast speeds, so it's important that there is a system in place which allows your car to transfer this high-paced power to your wheels which turn at a much slower rate: this is done via your gearbox.
  2. A manual gearbox provides a variety of gears that the driver will use depending on their driving condition, e.g. driving off after you have stopped or driving up a hill. As you go down the gears (high - low) you will also decrease the speed at which the wheels are turning in relation to your engine speed.
  3. In order to change your gear, you need to engage with your clutch: this allows the gearbox to change from one rotor to the next. Once the desired gear and be picked and is in place, the gearbox will transfer the power from the engine, through the gears and onto your car wheels.
  4. In simple terms, your gearbox is the element of your car that turns the power from your engine into something that your car and wheels can actually use and make you go from point A – B.

If You have experienced any of these signs, ensure that you replace your gearbox asap!!

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