Gearbox Select

At Gearbox Select we specialize in drivetrain work for most makes of passenger & light commercial vehicles.

Please see the list of services we offer below.

Clutch Replacements & Fitment

We only use and fit OE Quality Clutch Replacement Kits, such as LuK, Sachs or Valeo.

All work is performed by trained, experienced staff.

Valvebody Clean & Solenoid Replacements

The valvebody, with its solenoids, located inside the automatic gearbox and controls the gear changes. If there is a faulty solenoid or worn valve it may cause harsh gear shifts.
This is where solenoid replacements & valvebody repairs/reconditions may become necessary, to avoid mechanical damage to other components inside the gearbox.

Gearbox Service

We service drivetrain parts including:
Gearboxes  |  Differentials  |  Transfer Cases
We only use the best lubricants & Automatic gearbox filters to ensure the maximum longevity of the gearbox.
We also stock a wide range of ATF's including CVT fluid & DCT/DSG Fluid.