Torque Converter Reconditioning

Gearbox Select has many years of experience in reconditioning torque converters and we can offer the best service and quality workmanship.


This section of the business is of critical importance. A good rebuild transmission means nothing without a proper remanufactured torque converter.

The torque converter (or fluid coupling) which is located on the flywheel between the engine and gearbox performs a similar function to the clutch on a manual gearbox. Over time, the components (clutches & plates) inside the torque converter wear out, thus necessitating a reconditioning.

Critical factors in Torque Converter rebuilding:

Parallelism: When remanufacturing the cover the pump must be connected perfectly parallel to it.

Perpendicularity: The converter hub and pilot must be perpendicular to the cover and pump.

Concentricity: This means to have a common center. This implies that the diameter of the hub should turn around the centreline. After the final weld the final run out should not exceed, 006” measured against the pilot.

As a standard all torque converters will be pre-measured for the overall height; internal clearances need to be measured.

1. The torque converter is split open with a special parting tool.

2. The converter is now moved to the cleaning section where all the components of the torque converter are thoroughly cleaned.

3. Worn turbine hubs, turbine bearings, lock up clutch plates and lock up seals are replaced as standard procedure.

4. Stator assemblies are opened and inspected for wear.

5. The torque converter will now be reassembled, tolerances checked and the reweld will be done on the auto welder.

6. The torque converter will be balanced and pressure checked.

7. The overall height will be rechecked to ensure precision and the remanufacturing process is completed with a final end-play check.

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